Work Plan

ReCAP is structured into the following six Work Packages and key objectives:

WP1 Project Management

  • Technical, organisational and financial project leadership
  • To establish communication and project management structure and ensure the overall project quality
  • Management of collected and created data

WP2 Requirements and Architecture

The objective of this work package is to gather all the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the project and use these to design the architecture of the solution components (created in WP3, WP4) and inform the output of WP5.

  • To gather the requirements from the participant parties based on existing technical and market knowledge
  • To gather requirements from the market (i.e. market research)
  • To define each components of the modular architecture

WP3 Media Processing Framework

  • Provide a service that allows building media processing pipelines that simultaneously analyse, enhance and capture (ingest) streams for broadcast production workflows.
  • Define an API around the media processing service that allows users to configure the service and to get notifications. Make the service extensible for filter modules (i.e. enhancement / analysis) by means of GStreamer plugins
  • Make the service easy to be deployed both on dedicated server hardware, and cloud-based appliances

WP4 Visual Analysis Algorithms

  • Integrate visual quality analysis tools and adapt them to hard real-time constraints
  • Implement a module to estimate correction effort for detected defects and applies real-time enhancement if feasible
  • Integrate compact video descriptor extraction and logo/template matching tools, and implement real-time capable matching against a dynamic database

WP5 Integration and Validation

  • Implement a scalable integration layer consisting of micro-services
  • Provide a workflow-execution service to interface with system-services and their events - Adapt existing ingest applications with the features developed in WP3 and WP4
  • Integrate workflows with media asset management platforms

WP6 Exploitation and Communication

The objective of this work package is to communicate the work developed by the participants to the industry peers and potential customers, and to take the necessary actions for successful exploitation of the results. This will be achieved through the development of communications and marketing materials which could be utilised for demonstrations to stakeholders, industry professionals and end users as well as made available on public forums (e.g. the project website), and demonstrations to end users at a range of events.