ReCAP aims to deliver innovative solutions to the creative industries by achieving the following technical and business objectives:

  • Develop a platform for automatic metadata extraction and transcoding, capable of supporting live and streaming content, which can be deployed locally and in the cloud.
  • Adapt a set of visual analysis algorithms, codecs and multiplexers to the real-time requirements and integrate them in this framework. Nonetheless, the framework will also be open for easy integration of third party technology.
  • Demonstrate the added value of the tools developed by the project in real-world workflows of existing and future customers of the SMEs in the consortium, integrating with editing and media asset management systems in use at those customers.
  • Make state of the art automatic metadata extraction affordable for small and medium creators of audiovisual media, by offering scalable products and enabling SaaS models. This will open new market opportunities for the technology providing SMEs in the consortium, enabling them to offer features only known from high-end solutions targeting the traditional broadcast market.

The concrete outcomes of the project to meet these objectives will be:

  • A scalable service platform for real-time and non-real time execution of metadata extraction and encoding and muxing/demuxing tasks, which can be customised to different workflows, can be deployed locally and in the cloud and provides well-defined interfaces for integration.
  • A set of quality analysis, quality enhancement and automatic metadata extraction algorithms, which are integrated into the media processing service of this platform, and provide real-time processing capabilities.
  • A set of application built on top of the framework that address typical use cases of the partners’ customers and the members of the user group. These applications will be integrated with other tools and systems in the workflow in order to validate the solution with the media creators.
  • A business plan for exploiting the project results and define products and services tailored to small and medium content creators.