‘AI goes mainstream at NAB’ - Broadcastnow.com

If there was one overriding theme of Las Vegas trade show NAB 2018, it was artificial intelligence (AI).

As well as entirely cloud-based tools, there are a growing number of AI services focused on on-prem analysis of content aimed at those with on-prem archives that would be prohibitively expensive to move to the cloud. An AI and machine learning project co-funded by the EU, called Recap (Realtime Content Analysis and Processing), is being developed specifically as a software package that can be installed on any system to provide on-prem analysis.

The project, which was created by a consortium including NMR, was demoed at NAB. It offers a long list of custom-developed AI services including automatic speech recognition, logo detection, character, object, face and emotion recognition, plus a series of technical algorithms to locate video break-up, silence and colour bars.

The product will be given a brand name and launched in September, when pricing details will also be revealed.

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