The development of ReCAP requires interaction with users to ensure it delivers the expected functionalities and can be integrated in the right stages of the workflow. The ReCAP project will thus work with a user group, assembled from existing and potential customers of the companies in the project.

The project is structured in four stages. An initial stage of requirements analysis will be completed by March 2017 and will be followed by three development and testing cycles. Initial prototypes should be available by May 2017 and will be used to show preliminary results to users, and initiate feedback on their use and integration in the users’ environments.

The second phase, running until the end of the 2017, will result in a first prototype, offering many of the functionalities of the final system. In this iteration, users will be able to test components of the system and run tools on their data. This is an important evaluation, as it is the chance to gather input for the final iteration.

The final iteration will result in a prototype with complete functionality, and integration with external tools, such as a media asset management system. The evaluation of this system will result in recommendations that are the input for finishing the products based on the technology developed in ReCAP after the end of the funded project.

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