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Located in Aachen, Germany, nablet GmbH was founded in the autumn of 2011 and is a premiere provider of streaming, codec, muxing, and transcoding solutions for the broadcast and entertainment markets. This is coupled with a strong R&D focus on content analysis, image processing and automated metadata creation. nablet’s products seamlessly integrate with other partners and vendors providing reliable turnkey broadcast solutions. nablet’s customers and partners  include technology companies like Sony, Intel, Avid, IBM, Vizrt and many more.

Key Project Personnel

Muzaffer Beygirci (CEO)

Muzaffer is founder and CEO of nablet. He was founding member of MainConcept GmbH back in 1996. MainConcept has developed video codecs and related technologies like muxing/demuxing as well as streaming technologies. Over the years MainConcept codecs became a de-facto standard for software codecs in the broadcast industry. After several acquisitions Muzaffer moved on with the core team and founded nablet in 2011 focusing on transcoding and image processing technologies.

Sven Düking (SVP Engineering)

Sven has been working on video codec development for many years. He, as well a MainConcept team member, has been working for Panasonic Research where he holds Patents in AVC video standards. After moving to nablet he was doing work on AVC Encoder as well as on different image processing technologies just like automated scene change detection and object detection that has been implemented by leading companies in the broadcast sports market, just like EVS, Vizrt and others.

Dr. Sergey Grigoriev (Head of Research)

Dr. Sergey Grigoriev has developed all video codecs for MainConcept up to 2007. Serge holds patents in MPEG-2 video standard and has a very deep understanding of video and image processing related technologies. The codecs he has developed are still used in products like Adobe Flash or in HEVC codecs of big Chip Manufacturers. There are several patent pending image processing technologies that Serge is working on together with his team.