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Based in Graz, Austria, JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JRS) is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied research with a highly qualified staff of more than 400 people. Services include specifically geared research tasks for small and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting. JRS participates in setting up and organizing national competence centres as well as in numerous large international projects. DIGITAL – the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies – specialises in web and internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. Results of our research are implemented in hardware and software resulting in application-oriented solutions advancing the scientific state of the art.

The institute has participated in more than 100 EC and ESA funded projects since the Third Framework Programme. For several years JRS has undertaken R&D into methods for automatic analysis of video based on their large knowledge base from media analysis including automatic film restoration and content-based indexing, summarisation and retrieval. JRS has been involved in a large number of EU and national projects dealing with audiovisual content analysis, digital preservation and media production. The Audiovisual Media Group at JRS has a strong background in developing visual content analysis technologies and deploying them as applications and services to be integrated with other manufacturer’s systems.

Key Project Personnel

Georg Thallinger (Head of Audiovisual Media Group)

Georg has been working with JOANNEUM RESEARCH since 1992 in the fields of scientific visualisation, software engineering and digital media with a focus on film restoration, content-based indexing and media monitoring. He has successfully managed numerous national and international projects in the field (e.g. DIAMANT, DETECT, restoration work area of PrestoSpace, SALERO, FascinatE, TOSCA-MP), and currently coordinates the ICoSOLE STREP.

Werner Bailer (Key Researcher)

Werner received a degree in Media Technology and Design in 2002 for his diploma thesis on motion estimation and segmentation for film/video standards conversion. His research interests include digital film restoration, audiovisual content analysis and retrieval as well as multimedia metadata. He is working on a PhD thesis on multimedia content abstraction. He was a member of the expert group defining the Europeana Data Model (EDM) and regularly contributes to standardisation in the W3C and MPEG.

Hannes Fassold (Senior Researcher)

Hannes received a MSc in Technical Mathematics (branch: information science) from Graz University of Technology in 2004. Since then he works at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, where he is currently a senior researcher at the Audiovisual Media research group of the DIGITAL institute. His main research fields are the research and development of algorithms for digital film restoration and content-based video quality analysis and the efficient parallelization of these algorithms on the GPU. He has published several publications in these fields and coordinates the GPU-related activities for the research group.